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  • Seals leaking pipes, hoses, tubing and fittings
  • Domestic repairs to your washing machine, vacuum cleaner, drain, garden, or pool cleaner hoses
  • Electrical cable insulation and sealing
  • Temporary automotive repairs to your radiator hose, fuel line, or air hose
  • Non-slip grip for tool handles
  • Boat rigging repairs
  • Corrosion protection


Introducing our Silicon Self-Fusing Repair Tape, a versatile and reliable solution for a wide range of repair and sealing needs. This innovative tape is designed to provide a strong and durable bond that fuses to itself, creating a watertight and airtight seal that withstands pressure, temperature changes, and various environmental conditions.

One of the primary applications of our Silicon Self-Fusing Repair Tape is sealing leaking pipes, hoses, tubing, and fittings. Whether you have a damaged water pipe, a leaking hose, or a loose fitting, this tape provides an effective and long-lasting solution. Its self-fusing nature ensures a tight seal that prevents further leakage and maintains the integrity of your plumbing system.

In addition to domestic plumbing repairs, our Silicon Self-Fusing Repair Tape is also ideal for a range of other applications. It can be used to repair and seal various household appliances, such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and drain, garden, or pool cleaner hoses. Its reliable sealing capabilities ensure that your appliances operate efficiently and without leaks.

The tape is also suitable for electrical cable insulation and sealing. It provides excellent insulation properties and protects cables from moisture, dust, and other contaminants. This feature ensures electrical safety and prevents damage to cables, making it an essential tool for both professional electricians and DIY enthusiasts.

Temporary automotive repairs can also benefit from our Silicon Self-Fusing Repair Tape. Whether you need to seal a radiator hose, repair a fuel line, or fix an air hose, this tape provides a reliable and secure solution. It can withstand the high temperatures and pressures commonly found in automotive systems, ensuring a temporary fix until a permanent repair can be made.

Another practical use for our Silicon Self-Fusing Repair Tape is as a non-slip grip for tool handles. Its self-fusing nature creates a textured and comfortable grip that enhances control and reduces fatigue during use. This feature makes it an ideal addition to your toolbox, providing added safety and convenience when working with tools.

Boat rigging repairs can also benefit from our Silicon Self-Fusing Repair Tape. Whether you need to fix a damaged rigging line or secure loose fittings, this tape offers excellent tensile strength and resistance to water, making it suitable for marine environments. Its durability ensures reliable repairs that can withstand the rigors of boating and harsh weather conditions.

Additionally, our Silicon Self-Fusing Repair Tape provides corrosion protection. By wrapping the tape around vulnerable metal surfaces, you can create a barrier that prevents corrosion caused by moisture and other corrosive elements. This feature helps prolong the lifespan of metal components and ensures their optimal performance.

Using our Silicon Self-Fusing Repair Tape is straightforward. Simply clean the surface to be repaired or sealed, ensuring it is free from dirt, oil, and moisture. Stretch the tape and wrap it tightly around the area, overlapping the layers to create a secure bond. The tape will fuse to itself, creating a seamless and robust seal.

Investing in our Silicon Self-Fusing Repair Tape is essential for any household, workshop, or boat owner. Its versatility, self-fusing capabilities, and durable performance make it an indispensable tool for sealing leaks, making temporary repairs, providing insulation, enhancing grips, and offering corrosion protection. Trust in our Silicon Self-Fusing Repair Tape to provide reliable and long-lasting solutions to your repair and sealing needs.